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Boy, Did I Goof Up Good. Stop Code: Unexpected Store Exception pc building site custom pc builder

My parts list is as follows:

i5 7600k ASRock h170 Pro4s GTX 1060 3 GB 1 TB Refurbished WD Blue HDD 240 GB Kingston SSD 8 GB ram and probably some other stuff that is relatively unimportant

So i was in the middle of an Overwatch game around noon EST today, when suddenly my screen went blue and had the standard BSOD frowney face on it, with Stop code: Unexpected Store Exception at the bottom. A percentage appeared and said something along the lines of "Repairing hard drive..." or something. So a normal person would wait for it to finished, but not me. I was playing Overwatch competitive, and if i waited too long I would get a ban. I had to take the risk. I felt the tactile click of a reset switch under my finger. The computer whirred back up in a few seconds greeting me with the standard ASRock logo i had come to expect after installing the motherboard along with a new CPU and SSD the day before. And then, nothing happened. There was no indication of anything warming up, or anything booting up. Shit. I took to the internet , but only found solutions that assumed you could get in to the computer, which I could not. I tried using my Windows Bootable Media USB to do some troubleshooting, but nothing. I tried chkdsk commands, and all of the troublshooting options in the Repair my computer section of the USB. I attempted to install windows on my brand new SSD, but i got an error code, even after taking all of the steps required to install. I consider all forms of tech support frauds, taking advantage of old people's stupidity to dust the inside of their pc for 50 bucks, but i took a massive L and called micro center. "Bring it in to the store". "No". After that, i tried the same few things over and over again to no avail. I am more than a little frustrated, somewhere along the lines of ripping my own head off. Please help.

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