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Compressed air ruined my motherboard? pc building site custom pc builder

Today I cleaned my 2-3 year old computer tower with compressed air in a can, and was wondering what I could have potentially done. I have a Cooler Master Stryker case where on the one of the sides of the case, the back of the motherboard is exposed, and I may have potentially hit it with some of this compressed air. I never touched any components inside like the motherboard so a static charge is probably not what happened. Any options for me to do? I forgot to unplug my power cable from my power supply during my cleaning and when I went to turn it back on, I got absolutly nothing in return power wise. I haven't tested anything yet and I'm just gonna sleep it off and try in the morning to see if anything changed (hopefully). If anyone has any helpful tips to check and see if it still works it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone

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