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Gifted unused PC build, need some advice pc building site custom pc builder

Hi all! Recently I was speaking with a family friend about my desire to one day build my own PC when I had the extra money - legitimately a week or so later, they offer me a PC made up of parts they weren't using to help kick start my interest! When I got the PC yesterday however, I realized I was gifted a lot more than I expected and couldn't be happier.

I'm new to PC building, and will be honest that I don't know everything when it comes to parts, but even with my little knowledge about them, I think I was given something pretty awesome. From what I was able to tell through Ubuntu, the machine has an i5-3570k (I think that's 3rd gen, right?) CPU with 16 GB of RAM. It's got a 500 GB hard drive in it, and he even threw in a DVD/CD drive that he said he has a bunch of. I'm unsure of the name of the motherboard, but the entire system sits in a mid-tower case.

My questions concern what GPU to buy, as well as the best way to go about putting Windows 10 on the machine.

From the research I've done, it seems like a 1050 TI sits at a nice price range, and is a fairly capable 1080/60 card. I then run into seeing that MSi, EVGA, and a load of other companies make the card, and am confused by the simple Amazon listing which gives me 4 choices for the card. I'd like to send around 150$ or less, but could see spending a bit more if need be.

The machines has Ubuntu on it which is great, but I would like to maybe get Windows 10 Home on it for a bigger Steam library, Xbox Play Anywhere, and for more software options. What is the best way going about this? Do I purchase a code online from the Microsoft Store? Do I purchase a CD or USB to load it onto my system? Excuse the probably dumb question, I was just wondering if there's a certain way to do this sort of thing.

If there's anything else that you think I should be looking into, please let me know!

Anyways, if you've gotten this far, I really do appreciate any advice:)

Tl;Dr given someone's unused PC build, want to upgrade a bit, what GPU should I get for around 150$ or less

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