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GTX 1080 running... 15fps... plz help pc building site custom pc builder

Okay so, I've just finished up building my upteenth PC, I've built around 20 in my lifetime so I know roughly what I'm doing but not anywhere near a veteran builder.

I've never experienced this issue with a computer before. So, down to the details.

This is a watercooled build - CPU only - there were a few issues with the first boot (the m.2. slot not being activated, a couple of issues with the drive and i had to re-seat the RAM and clear CMOS. This was all standard stuff for me) Finally I get the system to boot and I notice the graphics cards fans aren't running for some reason (I realize that some graphics cards have a built-in feature to not run the fans when they're not needed) and I'd not seen this with the graphics card I was using (Palit 1080 Gamerock). I open up msi afterburner and everything is standard except for the GPU fan which is on 0%.

I then assume it was an update to drivers that caused the fan not to run while not under load, so I fired up rocket league (not intensive but enough) to see if the fans would being to spin on their own. However it was at this point I realized that I was also getting only 25 fps with an above average build.

I've spent the last 1 - 2 hours looking on various forums for people with similar problems but I've been unable to find any fixes.


Parts list:

CPU - 5820k @ 4.3GHz

GPU - Palit 1080 Gamerock @stock

MOBO - EVGA Micro 2

PSU - EVGA Supernova 650 G2

RAM - Corsair vengeance 16GB (8*2)

Case - NZXT S340 Elite (white)

Fans - EK-WB Vardar

CPU Block - EK-WB Supremacy

Res - EK-WB 250 res

Pump - DDC pump from ek

[EDIT] I'm going to try downloading the drivers straight from Nvidia's website and do a clean install of them.

[Final Edit] Downloading drivers from nvidia's website instead of the geforce experience fixed the problems (select clean install)

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