lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

I hate everything pc building site custom pc builder

I've been saving up for a new gpu. I've been watching prices go up and stocks on amd rx580 dry, but when I was ready to pull the trigger there was nothing left. I tried ordering through multiple websites, and everywhere they just said that they had nothing. After weeks of trying and failing to buy a card I decided "fuck it, I'm buying nvidia". I started researching the market again, and found that there is not that big of a difference between the prices of rx580 and gtx1070. I started calling all my local shops, and every single one of them said that no, they don't have any cards at all. I asked them about 1060. None. I then went to German Amazon, and saw that they had these gpus, but for higher prices. I started pondering if I'm willing to pay so much for a day passes and the stocks are dry on amazon. WHAT THE HELL. On my last attempt I go to my local shops and see a listing for 455 EUR. I order it right away. It's been a week and they tell me "well uhm uh you gotta wait, we still wait for the distributor to send it to us", yeah, right, when they promised me that it would take 3 days, and since then all the prices are up by ~50 EUR AGAIN. I'm more than sure that they're either going to offer it to me for a higher price, or are going to drag it all for weeks.

I just want to fucking play. I've been stressing out through my university and my full-time job. I've just finished the year, and it's already been 1/3 of my summer and I haven't got a single fucking second of gaming. I'm so tired of this. How can buying a gpu be so stressful?

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