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I need help building a PC... pc building site custom pc builder

I'm thinking about building a new PC for the next year of college. I'm getting quite a bit of money coming in from my part time job, and I want to funnel a bunch of this into a really awesome PC, but I've never built one before and need help from y'all. I'm trying to get a good set up so my friend and I can get our YouTube channel off the ground, and so I can use it for school.

I'm basically going to be using it for video editing, gaming, and school work, on a 2 or 3 monitor setup. I'm hoping it can run games on UltraHD settings, since I'm thinking about getting 3 of the 4K monitors. I'm totally lost, any tips on what I should start researching, what I should keep in mind when picking parts? I'm planning on spending between $1,000 and $2,000, and I'm hoping that it will last me a while cause I won't be able to afford another computer for a few years. If y'all can help me out at all, then thank you!

Edit: thanks for the comments about my budget being tight for the 3 monitors. The budget is more like an estimate, so I'm okay with going just a little over, but I might start with one monitor and fill the others in as I get more money.

Edit 2: this is copied over from pcmasterrace because a commenter said this might be a better place for it

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