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My friend's liquid cooling system leaked onto his motherboard a little.... USB Short? pc building site custom pc builder

Hello all, to start: Not sure if this is the best place for this topic, but I need some help fixing my friend's rig that I built for him.

So I built this CPU for him after having built a few of my own giving him suggestions for his parts. I suggested he get the same liquid cooler I have, as it has been great. (Silverstone TD03 LITE) A few days ago, he called me early in the morning freaking out because his computer read "USB device overload status detected, system will shut down in 15 sec to prevent damage to mainboard!"

He checked inside the case and saw that there was liquid running down the motherboard out of one of the corners of the liquid cooler.

I advised him to get the liquid out as quick as possible, to grab a soft paper towel and dab at it until he can get as much as possible out. I had him set it up with the case open infront of a fan to help and dry some of the liquid. (I'm not sure exactly what is in there, but he said it was yellowish. Not sure if it dries the same as water but worth a shot) The rig had to sit for a few days while the new cooler was shipping from amazon. The cooler arrived Saturday. 6/17

We have installed a new cooler (Corsair H60) as a replacement to see if the rig would work. The liquid did not run far enough to reach his GPU, it is still functioning. The same message appeared so I went ahead and unplugged everything that wasn't necessary from the exterior of the tower. I also unplugged the front panel USBs, and every other front panel device, including front/top fans. I've got the motherboard down to the wires solely needed to resolve this issue, no USBs attached. None of the USBs look damaged in any way front or back, perhaps some a few too close to the wall, but all were being used before without problem for close to a year.

So I'm wondering, do you think the problem could be that the liquid ran onto a connection on the board that is USB related and now the connection there is junk on the motherboard? This would mean he needs a new motherboard entirely. This is possible, but let's be honest, who wants to buy parts when they don't have to? :)

This Silverstone that I own is my first liquid cooling system, and I am not too familiar with curing a leak or how to troubleshoot after a leak. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated! I have taken his rig to my house so I can use one of my monitors and toy with it for a while.

Thank you!

Tl;Dr: Friend's liquid cooling system leaked onto the motherboard and started to read "USB device overload status detected, system will shut down in 15 sec to prevent damage to mainboard!" I've unplugged all front USBs + all unnecessary accessories to the motherboard. Any suggestions?

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