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P.C. Turning On But Not Really pc building site custom pc builder

Troubleshooting Help:

i5 4690k @ 3.6Ghz

R9 290

Evga 600b PSU

Msi z97 PC Mate MOBO

8gbs of Ballistic Ram

Coolermaser hyper 212 EVO

1tb HDD, 128gb SSD

LG 29inch Ultra wide monitor, and Acer 20 inch Monitor

So now my P.C. will turn on like this, where as it will turn on as usual, however nothing will show up on either of my screens. I tried switching the cables from display port to hdmi, I tried replugging the power supply. Nothing seems to work to solve this, before it would do this but turn off then turn on and it would work, but now entirely it doesn't work. Any suggestions on how to fix this or what the issue is?

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