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What should be the deciding factor between mATX and ATX? pc building site custom pc builder

So I was thinking. While back friend and I built a rig for him, mATX board, Corsair Carbide 88R (very surprised by that case, was a joy to build in). Anyway, I myself have a full sized ATX board and case, which at some point in the near future, as it's three years old now, is due for a replacement. Now the thing is, I'll never go SLI. I'll also never go custom water loop. One could say never say never, but I have other hobbies, and not endless funds, I am just realistic about that.

Anyway, full sized ATX rigs are amazing, but they leave a lot of real estate unused, and I have to say that I was kind of pleased with how snug everything fit in that 88R. So what do you guys think, what is the deciding factor between mATX and ATX? Looks? Air flow? AIO cooler for CPU? 240mm rad should still fit fine, right? In short, is there any reason NOT to go mATX?

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