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Windows Failing to Update Nvidia Display Drivers pc building site custom pc builder

Hi guys,

Just finishing off a new build for a HTPC. Doing all the regular setup and it's going as expected until I go to install Nvidia drivers.

When trying to install Nvidia drivers for my specific GPU I was the 'Unable to intall on this version of windows' Error. I decided to update windows with windows update. Worked fine until it got to the Nvidia display drivers. At the moment I'm in a situation where windows update will not update and the drivers straight from Nvidia give me the 'Unable to install on this version of windows' Error.

What I have tried

I tried a good ol' restart- Same issue. Uninstalling all drives using DDU - Same issue. Use the DISM commands in CMD - Same issue.

Currently pulling a blank here and need some help guys.

Have tried the card in another system and I'm still getting the problem. Is this now an issue with the GPU or the ITX board's PCIE slot not providing enough power.

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