lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

$250-300 I5-3330 pre-built upgrade pc building site custom pc builder

I'm finally upgrading my pre-built pc after 5 years and really just need help finding or deciding on a motherboard I'm basically just replacing everything besides the cpu Build Motherboard- Joshua-h61-uatx Processor- i5-3330 Memory- 6g Video graphics- integrated graphics Hard Drive- 1tb Power supply- 300w

Upgraded Motherboard- not decided Professor- i5-3330 Memory- crucial ballistic 16gb 2x8 ddr3- $60 GPU- gtx 1050 ti- $130 Harddrive- 1tb Power supply- not decided

I really just need help with the mobo because I don't know any that's compatible with the cpu. I'm buying. New and/or used parts

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