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4K IPS monitor or 4K G-sync TN monitor? Which is more worth the extra cost? pc building site custom pc builder

I'm looking at building a 4K rig around a 1080 TI GPU but am having huge difficulty deciding on a monitor.

I basically want as smooth as possible frame-rate I can get at 60hz and to be able to just set it all to ultra and forget about it. But it's also really important to me that I don't get a 4K screen only to find that it has washed out colours and isn't as good as it should look (I've noticed this issue with my current 1080p monitor and it's always bugged me).

I have two monitors in mind (but am welcome to any other recommendations):

LG 27UD68 UHD IPS freesync monitor:

Acer XB281HK 28in 4K G-Sync monitor:

My budget is about $900 AU but if I could find both of these features for under $1000 I would gladly spend a little extra (yes, I live in Australia).

Essentially I'd like to know how much performance I'd be sacrificing by getting the IPS but no g-sync monitor, and how much picture quality I'd be sacrificing by getting the G-sync TN monitor.

Additionally, is G-sync even necessary with a 1080 TI at 4K?

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