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After discovering higher than normal temps, I suggest people check their auto-voltage settings in BIOS. pc building site custom pc builder

Long story short, I was watching temps last night and with only Chrome running on Windows 10 the temperature would go up into the 50s. A quick search showed me that was higher than usual and then looking around at my numbers, Ryzen Master showed voltages occasionally going around 1.45v (AIDA64 and CPU-Z confirmed this).

Compare that to people getting OCs of 3.5-3.8 on 1.25v and AMD themselves recommending to stay under 1.35v.

I've since switched my voltage to 1.2v (Ryzen Master reads as 1.2375v and everything else at 1.208v ) and set CPU multiplier to 35, now temps with Chrome running hover around 30. That's 20 degrees cooler. Ran Prime95 for 40 minutes and the highest it got was 62 degrees (will run longer testing later).

So while I'm sure others are aware of this, but I'd suggest to everyone to check your voltage settings if you haven't already.

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