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Am I being unrealistic? 1440p gaming build. pc building site custom pc builder

I'm trying to put together a new PC to be used for 1440p gaming with a budget of £2k. I'll be playing mostly open world games (Fallout 4, skyrim: SE, witcher 3, GTA5, maybe the occasional FPS) and I'm hoping it can achieve 60 fps+ at max or near max settings.

Example build I'm looking at:

The thing that worries me is that I'd be disappointed with spending so much money to find that it can't run at a very high level. I've looked at various different fps test videos using similar builds to the one I'm looking at but most are unclear about which resolution they're playing at or whether they're playing on max settings.

Also, I had been hoping I could build this around a Ryzen 7 1700, but I'm struggling to stay under budget with one of them attached. Any recommendations on how to incorporate one of them with no noticeable loss of performance and while keeping the budget under £2k?

Thanks for reading. Bigger thanks for any suggestions

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