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Aorus z270 gaming 7 and i7 770k running hot hot hot pc building site custom pc builder

Just upgraded from a i5 7500 with gigabyte gaming 7 to aorus z270 gaming 7 and i7 7700k, I know, it's not worth the price to performance upgrade but that just the kind of person I am lol. ...Installed yesterday, with a corsair h100i v2 water cooler. With a side note that I did not use any premium thermal paste... it actually didn't even have a label or name on it.. But it's what I had to work with at the time. Flashed the bios to f6. Booted just fine, temps were under control. Did all the usual stress testing and benchmarking. Temps didn't top 70c and I thought I was I the clear and ready to go.

Booted today and instantly hit 40c on boot.. and climbing, it hit 85c so I shut it down and gave it a minute or ten and rebooted into bios. Temps kept on climbing and I just watched and checked some settings until it hit 85c and shut it back down. Rebooted and I cannot figure out what is going on. I auto set my voltage and no dice, set it to 1.25 and feel like it did nothing and temps kept climbing. Actually I felt like the bios didn't change the voltage at all and it didn't even listen to me and kept running in auto voltage.

I almost feel like my cooler isn't even on the way the temps steadily climb once I turn it on. So I order MX-4 thermal paste and a hyper 212 evo just to see if it's the cooler

So has anyone else had this issue or can guide me in the right direction. I ordered new and better thermal paste.. Any advice is welcome

Aorus z 270 gaming 7 mobo I7 7700k Corsair h100i v2 Corsair ddr4 3200 vengeance Gigabyte 1080 8g oc blower edition Evga g2 850 watt Samsung evo ssd with windows 10 and a few games

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