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ASUS Rx-480 (Reference Card) GPU issues pc building site custom pc builder

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Hello all, and let me preface this post by thanking anyone who is willing to help. So I recently got a new mobo/cpu/ram setup. I went from an AMD X4 860K to an Intel G4560 CPU. I went with the G4560 because I wanted an upgrade, but didnt want to spend a whole lot, plus, a whole new upgrade path has opened up (LGA1151) So i reinstalled my GPU, and turned my PC on, and no signal. The fans spin, and the card isn't dead because I can feel the card slightly heat up on the PCB. I have contacted ASUS tech support but their help is absolute garbage. I do think I have a warranty on this card but I would like to solve this problem quickly and efficiently. Another weird thing is that the card's fan spins, the whole pc lights up, but my keyboard/mouse doesn't turn on, yet my LED's plugged into one of the USB slots does turn on. I was suspecting a PSU fault but there is nothing I have done to damage any parts. That brings me to another point. I have never, Ever, opened up my GPU, nor have I treated it with the least care. I have always treated my card with the utmost care and priority over my other PC Parts. All the pins are plugged in, the card is seated properly seated. Guys, I really want this card to work. Please help. Thank you! PS, Fuck you ASUS. Your tech support is actual garbage. I hope to never buy your products in the future. Thank you. Feel free to answer any questions, I'll try to answer asap.

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tried reinstalling my gpu, not my mobo bc other gpu works

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I have contacted ASUS tech support, absolutely no help what so ever

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