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Hi everyone. First post ever so sorry if I don't mention everything correctly. Feel free to ask as many questions cause I need all the help I can get.

I guess I'm looking for advice on what to do with a new Motherboard I bought back on the 23rd at Frys electronics. Got myself a new Maximus IX Formula to celebrate a new job. Only to install it and it won't post or anything. After hours of trying to diagnose with friends we gave up. Went back to Frys and they said 2 or 3 pins are bent and they won't take it back. I know I didn't bend the pins myself (followed the instructions and had a veteran PC builder friend with me.)

After 3 hours of talking back and forth and testing, Frys gave me a partial refund of $100 cause the Motherboard is $389. So as of right now I'm out $298. They said if I get Asus to fix it they'll give me the rest of my money back when I take it back in.

Did some research on Asus and it looks like it'll cost me $150 to get it fixed (estimate). Is this even worth it? Should I sell it on EBay or Amazon? I'd of course tell them some pins are bent and sell it for less. Just feeling stuck and my stomach is turning over all this.

Thanks for reading I guess. Look forward to some advice. :)

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