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Best case for airflow under $100 with the Ryzen stock cpu cooler? (s340 elite vs in win 303 vs 400c vs....?) pc building site custom pc builder

Hi everyone, so I have decided on a b350 tomahawk as my motherboard, with a r7 1700, Corsair vengeance LPX 16GB, and a gtx 1080. I have not yet decided on what power supply I will get nor my case. The big thing I would love to have is a tempered glass panel just because it looks sexy as hell. For a while I thought the s340 elite would be a perfect case, but the subpar internal temperatures are worrying, especially when I'm planning to use the stock cooler for the ryzen. I am a first time builder, so the ease for cable management in the s340 elite makes it super attractive, but I'd rather have safer overclocking than good cable management. What case do you guys think is the best for my situation?

Cases I'm considering: s340 elite, win 303, 400c, Rosewill Cullinan (comes w/ free 600w psu)

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