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Black screen prior to windows with hdmi and no input with display port cable after reboot pc building site custom pc builder

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just installed a new rx 580

Current State: when i start the machine with a crappy hdmi cable insertet into hdmi 1 on the monitor (hdmi 1 slot is not capable of 4k hdmi 2 is however) the first image i see is either windows boot manager or the uefi bios screen (depending on weather i presst del or not). when i use a display port 1.2 cable (non mini both sides) i dont get an image after reboot. screen just stays black, goes on and off. however if i boot into windows and afterwards change the cable to displayport by unplugging hmdi, followed by plugging in display port everything works just fine. 4k freesync good performance in games, no flickering nothing. untill i reboot with the display port cable. no image for normal boot or entering bios. (it is indicated by the code display on the mainboard that bios is entered correctly).

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when i first installed the gpu, the first thing i did was setting up a fresh debian install. it worked fine untill i first booted up with amds proprietary display drivers. i installed them because there was only a 1024x resolution available. little did i know that there should be open source drivers working already. there were some artifacts on the screen. i thought thats because of the crappy and long hdmi cable. to check if thats true i booted to windows 10 to rule out possible driver issues or such. windows worked just fine.

i am not sure if this is acurate because i rebooted like a million times but i think after the first boot to windows 10 and after catalyst installed itself there was a firmware update on the gpu. rebooting after the first boot to windows 10 changed the resolution of the screen that indicates press del to enter bios. i saw that only once. since then neither 'the prior to bios screen' nor grub is displayed. (no matter which cable)

i thought its the crappy hdmi cables fault. but after buying 2 display port cabels (one in the 10€ one in the 30€ range, both short <2m) the whole thing is just wired.

when i use a live linux distro it crashes when switching to amdgpudrm.

hower i can get both new cables to work with the switching after booting to windowa routine. (which doesnt work for debian weather free or non free).

i dont just know what to do.

is it a compability issue with the monitor? is the gpu broken although it can just work perfectly stable in 4k 60hz or freesync? is it still a cable issue? has it something to do with hdpc?

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