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Bringing an older PC up to speed pc building site custom pc builder


I've got a PC with the following bits and bobs

  • OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Modular PSU Single 12V Rail 135mm Fan SLI Certified
  • Intel Core I5-3470 Processor (3.20GHZ, 6MB Cache, Socket 1155)
  • Samsung 840 Series 120GB 2.5 inch SATA Solid State Drive
  • Gigabyte SKT-1155 B75M-D3H Motherboard
  • 16GB 1600mz RAM
  • VTX3D AMD Radeon R9 280 X-Edition Graphics Card (3GB, GDDR5, PCI Express 3.0)

I bought it almost 4.5 years ago, i had to replace the graphics card a few years ago but its running ok.

It's struggling to play modern games at a decent framework nowadays.

It seems a shame to build a new one from scratch (and also expensive!) I was wondering if there was a GFX card I can shell out around £300-£400 that would give me a big boost? Im looking to play PUB right now.


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