lunes, 17 de julio de 2017

Build Check! pc building site custom pc builder - Budget somewhere between $1k-1.2k if necessary.

I cracked the touchscreen on my shitty laptop a few months ago, and when BestBuy quoted me $350 to fix a laptop that cost $500 nearly four years ago, I finally decided that I should build a desktop. My tablet is more than enough for my mobile needs, so that's why I'm going stationary. I've never built a computer before, but I have some solid support for the build itself so I'm feeling good about it.

I record and edit VO & VA as my side hustle, so that's the biggest need this machine is filling. I have an audiotechnica mic setup and Focusrite audio interface. I also stream a lot, write, and casual gaming. I wanted something that would last me a long time, would be upgradeable, and would be able to run new games coming out well, if on lower quality settings.

I started with the "Modest Gaming Build" from PC Picker. (<3) All I really did was add an SSD, Windows 10 OS, a monitor, and a cheap-but-functional optical drive, but I would be interested in any thoughts you all have on this setup based on my needs, if there's anything you think is missing, or if this is just overkill.

(I already have keyboard/mouse/speakers.)

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