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[Build Help] 940$/800€ build for gaming, would love advice! pc building site custom pc builder

Hey yall.. so Id need some help/advice from you. I want to built my first pc ever and I mostly want to play with it. Im on a 1920/1080 monitor and would love to play some newer games on medium with a steady 60 fps. Especially Rocket League (which shouldnt be that big of a deal), but like I said, new games too. Also it would be really nice if AutoCad (needs 8gb ram) would run on it and if I could get a second screen in the future.

I actually wanted to spent around 800€/~940$, but im looking into this stuff for a couple of months now, and since Im not that firm and everyone tells me something different, Im not sure if thats enough anymore. Ill need an OS and KB/Mouse with it and thats kinda breaking the limit a bit. Im going to buy my parts in germany and have put together this build for now:

Partpicker Build

So Im not sure about anything anymore. I really dont know what Id need and what would just be nice to have. Any opinions on where I could save some money would be greatly appreciated. Im especially not sure about the graphics card and the power supply.

Another thing would be the Ryzen. If I get it right, Ill have to put it on the mobo myself, but I read that its not that difficult. Is it really doable for someone whos never done that following step by step videos? What else would I need to assemble everything (thermal grease eg?).

Thanks guys,really appreciate what youre doing here!

have a good one.


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