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Build a PC for my dad. After a few weeks it stops working, no sign of life. Sent the PSU back for RMA, got a new one. PC worked fine for 1 evening. Tried to start the PC this morning, no sign of power at all again. pc building site custom pc builder

Intel Core i5-7600 Boxed


Fractal Design Define Nano S Zwart Window

Corsair Vengeance 16GB 2,4Ghz

Seasonic G-series 360 watt

Samsung 750 EVO (retail) 500GB

Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive.

A few months ago I built a PC for my dad. It worked fine for a few weeks, after that my dad turned it ofF at night and when he wanted to boot the PC in the morning it showed no sign of power at all. Well, guess what? I have exactly the same problem right now, except the PC didn't even last for more than a few hours.

After the first time I RMA'd the PSU and got a new one. Yesterday I installed it, tested the PC for a few hours, everything was working fine. CPU temps were about 30-35 degrees. This morning I wanted to boot the PC again and it doesn't want to fucking start. I tried the power cable in another power outlet, made sure the PSU was turned on, opened the PC and made sure everything was plugged in, nothing was loose.

I can provide additional pictures of that's needed.

I'm getting kinda tired of this. This PC cost my dad 700 euro's, and althought he's not blaming me I convinced him a custom made PC is better. Now this custom made PC doesn't even want to start.

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