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Building budget PC for Overwatch (1080p 60fps) pc building site custom pc builder

Building PC for:

I want to play Overwatch at 1080p 60fps with no framedrop.

I'm looking for:

1920x1080, 60+ fps, low.

My budget:

~200$. I already have a GTX 1050

Country for buying parts:


Initial idea for a build:.

I wanted to buy used business PC with i5-2400 and combine it with SSD additional RAM and my 1050 GTX. Those PC are quite cheap.


Hey guys. I'm currently using my laptop for gaming. I'm using a Lenovo x230 laptop (i5 3320m, 8bg ram, SSD) + GTX 1050 eGPU. I bought this build mostly for university + playing Overwatch. However I discovered that Overwatch is very CPU demanding game so I got frame drops and crunches to ~50fps. I'm pretty sure that it's CPU bottleneck because lowering resolution and all the graphics settings will keep FPS the same. How much do I have to spend to keep Overwatch running at stable 60fps with no framedrops and CPU bottleneck ? I posted my initial idea above but I'm not sure if it will work (i5 2400 should be fine but I'm not sure about motherboard and BUS speeds). Thanks for help in advance. Regards.

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