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building computer for hotel front desk pc building site custom pc builder

hey guys! new here. the pc at our front desk for our work crashed so im on the job to find a new pc. ive built in the past in 2012 for myself so im not really sure whats good to use these days. my last build was for my dad in 2012 and i used intel and its been working perfectly fine! i chose: i5 2500 8gb ram g skill mushkin ssd shitty psu (im gonna pic better one this time)

this time i kinda wanna do an amd build! what do you guys think. the computer for front desk is the main server kinda thing and it is basically on 24/7 a day 365 days a week. we have a hotel program on it that is used to to check people in and has all the data and rooms on it. everything else we do is just basic hotel stuff like emails and stuff. the hotel program is pretty light but i still wanna do a decent fast build. this is what im thinking. the main goal is speed and reliability. graphics isnt needed. and website has to be newegg cuz bitcoin

amd ryzen 1400? not sure what mb i should use alot of options 8 gb ram ddr4 samsung pro 256 gb quality psu corsair etc case: i wanna use the case from my old hp desktop if thats ok

any help and tips for a good reliable build?

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