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Can't decide a AM4 Mobo + 8GB Ram 3200Mhz pc building site custom pc builder

Hi there.

I am planning to update my FX8350 to a Ryzen 1600. I would like to benefit of the high Ram frec performance. Spent the whole night trying to make a choise but was imposible to decide.

I was thinking about the ASUS B350 PRIME PLUS or the MSI B350 PC MATE + 1x8GB RAM 3200Mhz. But I wasn't able to find any single stick of 8GB and 3200Mhz, they are always sold by pairs or more. (This is just a price thing, want to increase to 16 some months later)

If I am unable to find that stick, could I buy a 1x8gb 2400 (CMK8GX4M1A2400C16 for example) and OC it to 3200? I acknowledge the compatibility issues, and using only 2 sticks for keep the high frec on ram. So that is another braincrash.

My country is Spain; Want to spend around 100€ in the Mobo and 80 or less in RAM.

If what I want to try is imposible I could try to spend more, but RAM price is nuts.

I am being very cautious with this because I already mess up with my previous build (don't try to OC a 8350 in the Asrock Extreme3)

TL:DR; Can't make a choise with a AM4 Mobo (100€ more less) and a 1x8GB Ram 3200Mhz or other that could be OCed to 3200Mhz (80€). So moths later I could upgrade to 16GB and don't spend so much in the same day.

This upgrade (450€) is 1/3 of the average salary in Spain, higher prices than USA and way lower salaries... god damn it. That is way I try to don't overspend.

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