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Computer Restarted during load - PSU?MOBO?Loose HDD cable? pc building site custom pc builder


Yesterday my secondhand rig restarted without any warning or whatsoever. After that I've only saw a black screen. Tried to restart it a few times, sometimes it restarted right away, sometimes restarted immediately after running up.

Fans are running, GPU gets powered. Lights are on. I only see a black screen, windows isn't loading at all.

After playing lego with my rig for a while I removed the HDD, which was not connected\oddly connencted (couldn't see, I could just remove it easily, didn't have to disconnect the cables).

The rig started working again, no problem. I put back the GPU, rig still working. Temperatures are normal, 35C on idle for GPU, CPU even lower. (I have 3 fans supporting the cpu, one on the back, one on the cpu and one on the top).

Started playing, some first, medium load (played Pyre) then heavy load (Play For Honor on 1440K with high graphics, which gives me 80+ FPS). Had some odd noises I couldn't identify, but they disappeared after 3-4 minutes (maybe they were the fans of the gpu which I normally don't hear, because I'm using headphones).

Comp didn't restart. I put back the HDD again, this time I made sure the cables were properly connected. Rig still working in order. Played for 30 minutes without any problems. I'll do some further tests today.

My question is: Is it possible that the loose, unseen cable of the HDD made this problem? Or is it a dying PSU? Or MOBO? The rig is secondhand.

Don't really have the stats for it atm, but it's a simple I7 4770K, 8gb ram, Corsair 550 PSU, Mobo MSI Z97, GPU MSI GTX1070 8GB. Pretty standard stuff. Will update this later.

Nonetheless, I'm a tad scared, because I don't want to lose any data or my complete rig, because of a PSU or MOBO failure.

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