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Corsair h115i cooler not working pc building site custom pc builder

So I have had this computer that I built for about 8 months. And just recently my sleep schedule has been really messed up so I went to bed at 3 pm and woke up at 2 am to play some next day survival. (Durring this time the computer had been on for about 36 hours) I load up the game and start playing perfectly. I get up to go to the bathroom after about a hour of playing and I notice I have 30 fps. (I usually have about 130) anyways I decided to check real temp and my CPU temp was at 96° Celsius and it is usually below 30. I go to corsair link 4 and see that my pump RPM is "N/A" I currently have everything off on the compete trying to let the CPU cool down. What could have happened that made the pump stop working? Really could use some help! Thanks in advance

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