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DIY Thunderbolt 3 DAS with raid questions pc building site custom pc builder

Hi buildapc, not sure if I'm in the right subreddit but I've been thinking about building a diy das/nas solution and have some questions.

1) what do I need hardware wise to implement a raid array that can grow over time? Aka something like synology hybrid raid?

1a) If I want to implement raid 10 what sort of performance boost should I expect using 4 7200rpm hdds vs 8? Would raid 10 allow me to add drives over time if I just start with 4?

2) what do I need for hot swappable hdd slots?

3) what OS can I use to allow direct thunderbolt DAS connections from 2 MacBook pro's simultaneously and still provide network accessibility when connected as a DAS? I read that freenas doesn't support thunderbolt 3.

I think to get my ideal solution I may be looking at building a DAS and keeping it connected to my macOS server machine and sharing from there instead.

Would like to hear what buildapc recommends!


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