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Does this exist? 5.25 bay LCD for displaying CPU/GPU temps without probes/sensors? pc building site custom pc builder

Wondering if this even exists. Trying to find something like this:

Thermaltake LCD fan controller

A fan controller (or just a display for info) that makes use of the existing temp sensors that all current generation hardware already has built in. Basically it would have a usb connection most likely to get the temps from the motherboard/cpu/gpu etc like other software utilities use.

I have no idea why they have wired sensors/probes that you're supposed to put near the thing you want to monitor for temperature, but that is cumbersome and inaccurate at best. There are already temp sensors built in, so why is there no way to display those temps on any of these 5.25 bay LCD displays/controllers.

Am I missing something here? Anyone know of something like I'm describing? (cpu/gpu temps are what I'm really after, anything else is a bonus)

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