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External PSU, vs tiny cooler? pc building site custom pc builder

I'm building a new pc, I chose the Lian-Li PC-TU200B for portability. It uses an SFX PSU over the CPU cooler, so the CPU cooler has to be really small. I'm worried about thermals, The last tine I used a small cooler in a similar case I had a I7-3770k and had some high temperatures (>90c), this time I'm using a I5-7600 and I'm worried that a small cooler would mean thermally throttling my CPU. I think something like the Noctua NH-L9x65 would fit this case, its a bit bigger than the Noctua cooler I was using last time.

The alternative would be to use one of those tiny power blocks that comes with a big external power brick, this would be ideal because it would allow me to use a big cooler. The problem with this is that I can't find one of those that doesn't look hideous.


So my question is, Should I go with the small cooler? The way these small PSUs look doesn't give me much confidence in them, is there a more professional offering from a reputable company I haven't found yet?

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