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Friend wants to buy a alienware desktop and asked for my advice. pc building site custom pc builder

Alright lurker here, I have been saving money for months now in order to build my first gaming pc and you guessed it, it is mostly what I talk about with my friends at work. One of them decided to do the same and we we have been talking about it a lot recently but he came to me with this today (price is in CAD) and asked me if it was worth the price. I told him probably not but I will take a look into it. So I made a pcpartpicker list of a similar build and the price tag was very similar to the one from dell...

I have nothing against alienware and understand that some people prefer to buy a prebuilt but I would really like to make sure I am not making a mistake because I don't want to give a bad advice to a friend.

Can you guys help me out on this thank to you all!

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