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Golden Goddess - Budget build + My first! pc building site custom pc builder

Hello! After 3 days of frustratingly trying to build my first ever computer, it's done. I promise, if I can do it, ANYONE can do it. It may of taken over 10 hours though. My PC parts total is around 800, but I had to get all kinds of peripherals which took it to 1000 because I've only ever had a laptop. I think gold is a regal color so that's what i wanted.


Build: ☆Includes☆ Intel i5 6500 cpu ; EVGA gtx 1050 ti for GPU ; 1 tb HDD, 256 gb SSD ; asus z170e motherboard ; 1 8gb stick of ram ; 2 Asiahorse gold LED fans for $17 total(wow these are great!) ; 1 24' RGB LED strip lining my case w/ a remote

☆☆☆Notes☆☆☆ I wanted the gtx 1060 but the price difference between that and a 1050ti was $300. I only need this for a few games like WoW, LoL, Rocket League, and Overwatch. I got Windows 10 & Office for 10 dollars bc of my university. STUDENT HACK: check if your university has a software center. If they do, they might have a Windows 10 Education Upgrade. This is very cheap bc it's just an upgrade. However, the product key given will give you Windows 10 full. ūüėČ

This will do everything I need and nothing I dont. I plan on buying a better graphics card for my graduation present next may. :)

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