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Good 16:10 Monitors? pc building site custom pc builder

My old Samsung SyncMaster T240 seems to be on its way out, so I'm looking to replace it with a decent 16:10 monitor. I know the 16:10 ratio isn't as popular anymore, but the screen space is quite nice.

I'd like something that has fairly low latency for gaming, and while I'm not going to be using it for professional graphics, decent color reproduction would be nice. I don't need 4k resolution, and I am considering buying 2 for a dual monitor setup. What would you guys suggest?

(Alternately, if you think I really should ditch the 16:10 aspect ratio in favor of another, or can argue for any other features, I'd be happy to be convinced. 4k is still probably not an option, as I'm using a Radeon Fury on Linux, so I probably don't have the power to drive them.)

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