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So I recently picked up an Optiplex 790 MT from eBay for 99 bucks. It has Intel Core i5-2400 (hd 2000) 4GB DDR3 ram 750GB HDD PSU is 265W. PC x16 slot can only draw >35W. However, people have had success with installing GPUs that are less than 50W.

I am thinking on upgrading ram to 16 GB DDR3. CPU can only be upgraded to an i7-2600, and from what I've heard of in performance, shelling an extra 100 bucks ain't worth it.

Now comes the GPU. I was originally thinking of getting a cheap GT 710, but realized it is utter trash in terms of gaming. (I will be playing some popular games: doTa, LoL, GTA V, etc).

I am thinking of getting a GTX 750TI, but I can't find any that DON'T use the 6 pin power connector under $70. I was also thinking of a GtX 470. Do you guys have any recommendations?

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