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GTX 1060 or 1070? pc building site custom pc builder

I'm in the market for a new GPU (upgrading from a GTX 960), but I can't decide if I need to spend the extra money for a 1070 or not.

I run 4 1080p monitors on my PC.

  • #1 for gaming
  • #2 mirror of #1 to a streaming capture PC
  • #3 web browsing (Twitch chat/IRC/Discord)
  • #4 Plex (Remote server, usually 720p)

Right now my gtx 960 does ok, but if I'm watching a video and gaming I notice the system slowing down considerably & occasionally get dropped frames.

Would the gtx 1060 have enough umph to handle 1080p gaming + run my other display needs, or should I drop the extra cash to get a 1070?

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