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HDD failing, can i use this robocopy line to save as much as possible? pc building site custom pc builder

Hi all, hopefully someone can give me the go ahead on the below?

My HDD has been making some horrible noises as of late and instead of immediately making a back up I've waited until it looks like the computer can no longer recognise certain folders on the drive. I have been clever enough to use a SDD for my windows partition so it still operates fine.

Have bought a replacement drive and instead of using copy and paste I have been told to use robocopy command line in an attempt to recover as much as possible before it finally dies. Doing my own research I think I should use the line as below where "D" is the source drive, "E" the new drive, "copyall" to get everything in exact same layout so hopefully steam won't need to redownload my entire library, "/v" to make a log of what has failed and finally "/R:100" so it retries 100 times on any failed files. any other suggestions are greatly welcome and also wondering if my syntax is spot on.

Open command prompt and enter "ROBOCOPY d: e: /copyall /V /R:100"

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