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[Help] CPU and case fans barely responding all of a sudden pc building site custom pc builder

I have a Gigabyte GA-Z270-HD3 motherboard, and I've been tinkering with the fan curves in the Smartfan 5 menu in the bios. It's been working great! Until a day or two ago.

Seemingly, my fans (CPU, and 3 case fans, all PWM on PWM/hybrid headers) are no longer ramping up as it gets hotter. Well, they are, but only fractionally so. I just did a couple of stress tests in Aida64 and OCCT, and both times CPU got to about 75-80 very quickly and the CPU fan stayed at it's base around 500rpm, only ramping up to about 700rpm (as monitored by Aida64 and HWinfo). It should be ramping up to the limits I had set, e.g. up to 1400rpm.

I have fairly aggressive fan profiles setup in my Gigabyte Bios (Smart Fan 5 in the bios) and it should be ramping up pretty quick. It certainly did until now/whenever this started. Checking the fans in bios, they respond to manual adjustments while within the bios, but don't actually spin up based on temperature when in windows (or at least not as much as they should). They're all PWM fans on PWM headers and like I said they were working fine until I noticed this.

I've been doing some heavy gaming and my computer has been rock solid during it, so I don't think it's overheating (gets to around 75deg during gaming) but the stability tests will stop once it reaches 90degrees or so.....and the fan isn't ramping up seemingly. It seems to stay between 500RPM and 700RPM as measured by HWinfo. But it should be higher (Noctua U14S CPU fan has a max RPM of 1400)

So the fans are spinning, and they are capable of going at max (I switched it to 'full fan speed' in Bios briefly and yup, they all worked fine at max).

AFAIK I haven't installed or tinkered with anything in Windows that should affect CPU/case fans.

Any ideas?? Please help! If someone actually solves this for me, without resorting to a Windows reformat (if that's even the issue) I'll give them $10. lol.

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