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Help! I can't decide between two Video Cards. Strix 1080 Ti or MSI Gaming X pc building site custom pc builder

The local MicroCenter in my area has a MSI Gaming X 1080Ti going for 675$ thats an open box. However, their sold out on the Strix Cards. I have a couple of "squirm-worthy" notions on both cards.

1) Albeit the MSI Gaming X has great performance and beating other cards, the color scheme is not part of my build. I'm going for an fully RGB Aura Sync Build. However, since I will be water-cooling in time, I could use Bitspower's or Phanteks's Asus Aura blocks that fit the Gaming X.

2) Since the Strix is Asus Aura from boot and a fantastic card. People argue it is the best 1080Ti on the market. It already has a fully Aura Sync-able system and able to add more RGB Headers for it. I like the Alien-like structure too. The only issue is money. Im paying almost a 100 dollars more.

3) Im no longer debt free due to my monitor, so I can get the Strix, but is the 100 dollars more plus the warranty worth it?

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