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Help with RAM overclocking on Ryzen board pc building site custom pc builder

Hey guys. I posted last night but didn't get a response so I figured I'd try again. I have a Ryzen 5 1600, ASUS b350 strix-f gaming, and (2x8)16 GB of 3000Mhz G.skill trident z RGB RAM.

So, I overclocked the RAM by using ASUS's default DOCP profile, so it's using the timings on the RAM (18-18-18-35), running it at 1.35V, and 2933 MHz. My PC would always boot correctly before enabling this profile, but now after overclocking only the RAM and touching nothing else, sometimes (1/5) my PC will fail to post and say the overclock failed. If I reboot, this will usually fix itself or happen only one more time in a row. When I am able to actually boot, I check CPU-z and it confirms that it's running at 2933 MHz, and I run Aida64 on the RAM and CPU to ensure it's stable, and will game on it for a few hours with absolutely no issues at all. My bios is the latest update as well.

So basically (sorry for the wall of text), should I be concerned that my PC occasionally won't post due to my RAM overclock, and if so, would loosing timings (not even sure what I would set them to as I'm new to RAM overclocking...) help? I tried overclocking to 2800MHz (whatever the default profile was on the board) and got the same thing as well so I just went back to my 2933 one. Thanks in advance!

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