viernes, 28 de julio de 2017

Helping a friend build their first pc ...but for Music production not for gaming so I am clueless as to what is needed... Help please! pc building site custom pc builder

Build Help please We have about £1400 to spend on this build she is a student so I think win 10 is free? -

She will be using it for : Cubase pro 9, East west composer cloud, Klomplete ultimate Office

On the composer cloud I will be most likely downloading all the orchestral sound libraries which are all the hollywood libarys in east west

So we are needing a decent bit of space and fast space at that to load library's and things - how are hybrid drives for this?

The programs requirements on their websites are far from helpful Know if a decent GPU would be needed ...or just a passable one as I have a couple old ones kicking about


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