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How are the Corsair AF120 case fans, or would you suggest something else? pc building site custom pc builder

Corsair Air Series AF120 Performance Edition

I have an old Antec Nine Hundred that works well but it could make do with 2-3 new fans. The top 200mm fan still works well but I currently have one front and one back (one intake, one exhaust, with the top 200mm also being exhaust) which are leftover ones from a 4-pack of Cooler Masters which I really think need changing.

Currently my system is an R5 1600 at stock settings, 2933Mhz RAM, and an 8600GT which will be being replaced with a 1060 6GB. My temps look fine right now but I just want to make sure I have solid ones in there to help temps when I get the new GPU and possibly OC (though I keep forgetting to turn auto voltage off in the BIOS so it's probably running hotter now on stock settings than it would on the slight OC I'd do).

I'm not worried about the noise with the Corsair fans (30dBA with 63 CFM at 1650 RPM) since I have a box fan in the room and it makes a fair amount of noise itself. Just wanting to make sure I get some good quality fans since I'm really clueless about which fans are best.

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