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How can I play online games without Ethernet connection? pc building site custom pc builder

Hey everyone, my roommate and I moved to a new house and we got internet service using Time Warner's modem + router combination and I have pretty good signal in my room.

Now the problem is, the house only has coaxial ports in every room but no ethernet port. And my gaming PC does not have a wifi adapter built in and I can't plug into the modem/router directly because it's in the living room.

I've heard that it's best to avoid putting a wifi adapter on your PC so what are my alternative solutions? Just wanted to throw some ideas out there without even knowing if they will work:

  1. Buy an coax to ethernet converter and then connect my PC to that? I'm skeptical if it will work but just in case the modem also transmits internet connection to the rest of the coaxial ports in the house, this would be the best solution.

  2. Buy a wifi range extender and connect my PC to it using LAN. The problem here is that I heard that wifi extenders reduce the internet speed by half. Also can I set it up without having to access modem settings because for some reason I can't access it even after typing in the IP address.

  3. Buy a USB wifi adapter but I heard the same problem exists as wifi extenders.

Will any of these work?

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