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How do you optimally up an SSD and HDD configuration? pc building site custom pc builder

I just added an SSD and installed Windows 10 on it, but now, after doing some research, I'm still wondering how to set certain files to be opened from the Hard Drive and others from the Solid State Drive.

For Example: My "Documents" folder I want on my Hard Drive, but what about game files stored in that folder? Say I want the EA folder to be stored in my SSD while all my other documents go to my hard drive... how can I do this without Origin thinking the EA folder needs to be installed again since it's in the improper location?

  1. So... how do you properly set up pathways for certain files which are stored in general locations? I know I can set the Documents, Music, etc. to be on, and automatically direct to, the non-primary drive, but how do I get subfolders to be installed elsewhere if I so please?
  2. And where should the x86 and folders like it be stored? Should I have one on my HDD and another on the SSD depending on what I'm storing?
  3. Last question, say a folder pathway is installed on the wrong drive or location... how can I move it and make sure the application which uses it knows its new location?

Thank you so much for your help!!

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