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I am thinking of buying the Xbox One X, however my friends are convincing me to buy a pc instead. Needs some help on picking the right kind of pc pc building site custom pc builder

The Xbox One X is going to cost me $500, and I would need to buy a nice 4K tv with it. I'd be waiting until back Friday or later in the year to get the tv at the best price. Either way I'm looking at a combined $1000 at the least.

Some of my friends suggest I could get a very good pc/monitor for around that price and should do that instead. What would you guys suggest for a good pc/monitor to hit around or under that 1000 price point.

*the reason I'm still juggling between the two is because I have yet to be able to build a pc on part picker or other places that would match the power of the One X for the price it's selling for.


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