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I can't stop playing with it...HELP! pc building site custom pc builder

Over the past few years, I have sloooowly been upgrading my old HP pre built...

Obligatory "It's not much but it's mine..."

Just last week I took the plunge and ditched the God awful OEM case for a Carbide 100R thinking I would finally be finished and could start saving up for a more modern system(Which will probably take another few years...)

After a couple of days looking at the tacky OEM power supply with its ketchup and mustard cables through the side panel window I decided I will buy a new power supply that I can transfer to a new system in the future but decided to make a shroud for it in the meantime.I took the side panel from the OEM case, cut and bent it and it looks pretty good.

Hmmmm...still not I am obsessed with cooling since I put a mild overclock on the CPU.

After some testing, I have discovered it runs 5 degrees cooler with the front panel off so yeah...I am going to have to mod a grille into the front of my brand new 100R.I have a template made up and just need to get up the nerve to start cutting.

Speaking of modding my new case...that damn acrylic has to go...going to get a piece of real glass cut to replace it.

Anyway, hopefully, that will end my journey with this rig so I can move on to bigger and better things...I suppose the next move will be to find a good deal on a modern CPU/Mobo/Ram combo I can swap in using my old GPU,HDDs and peripherals and sloooowly work on upgrading those.I should have that one complete by the time the next few gens of components comes out lol.

I guess it really never does end does it...sigh

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