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I could use some help with Dual monitor setup on new PC. pc building site custom pc builder

I have just finished building my first PC (Ryzen) and I am a bit confused on what is the proper way to set up dual monitors.

I have Gigabyte GTX 1050 Ti (1 x DVI-D, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 x HDMI)

and my motherboard is Asrock AB350M PRO4.

I have managed to connect 1 monitor using HDMI/HDMI cable to the GTX 1050 ti.

Since I currently don't have DisplayPort cable I was wondering if I can connect my second monitor directly to the motherboard using another HDMI/HDMI cable?

The official website of Asrock AB350M PRO4 does not mention the card having an onboard (integrated) video card but there is 1 free HDMI port on the back of the motherboard.

I remember reading somewhere you are not suppose to connect monitors to the motherboard so I figure I would ask here just to make sure.


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