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I need advice on monitors pc building site custom pc builder

I've been saving up for quite some time and have around £300 to spend on monitors.

I want two monitors and possibly a monitor stand too (including the stand, my budget is around £320/£330). I will be buying it all from Amazon.

I am thinking of getting 2 of the following monitor:


I was also thinking of getting 1 ultrawide monitor and one normal (16:9) monitor but if I want a 24" 16:9 monitor, I'll have to get a 30" ultrawide monitor, which is above my budget.

The idea of my setup is having a main monitor in front of me that is for my computer and a monitor to the left of it that will be for my PS4 and computer. If I get an ultrawide monitor, it will be used solely for my computer.

I do not need speakers on the monitors. I'd prefer two HDMI ports on the left monitor at the very least but am willing to use VGA on the second monitor from my computer. I am happy with 1920x1080.

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