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I need help, is it my pc components fault or windows? pc building site custom pc builder

Helllo! :) My name Luke or (HOP) I have always been a pc gamer but just on a laptop I recently decided to buy a desktop computer and am having many problems but before I tell you them i may aswell give you my specs , Please dont judge this is my first time and im going as cheap as possible

SPECS: A8-7670K with Radeon™ R7 Graphics

1TB Hard drive

4GB RAM (Hopefully upgrading to 8GB soon)

Some gigabyte motherboard and This might be the cause of my problem: A 250w power supply Upgrading ASAP

My Problem:

1) Only 3.45gb of my ram is usable i've tried everything on youtube to fix this

2) GTA 5 launched first time worked perfectly, Now says "unable to initialize directx 9" But it worked first time

3) Csgo also launched before but the next day i woke up and it refuses to launch now ( It does launch but the program doesn't open , asif i have to open task manager and go to details to close it)

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