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I want to use an old HDD as file transitioning drive from Win 7 to Win 10... Would it work? pc building site custom pc builder

Well here's the story. I'm buying a new PC. For the last 3 years ever since I formatted the PC the last time, I had an 640gb WD Blue disk connected which I didn't use at all. After 3 years it's still empty (HDD is originally from 2009). I haven't been using it because I bought a 2TB Toshiba drive 3 years ago.

I've been thinking about using this WD 640GB drive as transitioning disk. I've been thinking of copying files to that HDD, so I have easier time copying my backed up files to the new PC (Of course I'm moving this old HDD to my new set up).

Would I come to any problems transitioning from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and then just copying old files from that HDD to other drives on Windows 10 ?

I mean, If I don't format that drive during Windows installation I should be fine transferring the files right?

I'm just a bit worried that Windows 10 wouldn't detect that drive off the bat and would have to format it first before it would be even detected. In that case I'd lose all the files.

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